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Ricardo Salvador leads the UCS Food and Environment program, working nationally with citizens, scientists, economists, and politicians to transition our current food system into one that grows healthy foods while employing sustainable practices. 

Rafaela Rodriguez is the Director of Partnerships at the Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network. She worked for over seven years in various national and international settings as an advocate working alongside human-trafficking survivors, migrants, and undocumented communities. 

Cynthia Martinez has served on the Leadership Circle of Mijente, a national hub for Latinx & Chicanx movement building & organizing. 

Andrea Dehlendorf is Co-Executive Director of United for Respect, a national organization building power for people working in low wage jobs by centering their voices, experiences and solutions in the national movement. 

Aracely Mondragón is an academic advisor at the University of Arkansas. Aracely was a community organizer with Faith in Action Bay Area in CA. She’s passionate about supporting grassroots movement work and fights for racial and economic justice.

Andrea Dehlendorf  is one of the Co-Directors of United for Respect and United for Respect Education Fund, a national movement of people working in low-wage retail jobs who are taking on the corporations responsible for the economic instability they face in their lives.

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